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Emeco is a leader when it comes to chair fabrication. We are committed to sustainability and protecting our environment. Emeco uses post consumer and post industrial waste to create chairs intended to last decades. Our aluminum chairs are made to last at least 150 years. Emeco is committed to minimizing our impact on the environment by choosing materials, methods and processes that offer the least risk to our environment. We utilize the best available control technologies to reduce air emissions where needed, recycling waste and used materials at every opportunity, eliminating other impacts to the environment, such as releases to surface water, and reducing the carbon footprint of our products to minimum achievable levels.

We strive to improve the energy efficiency of our operations in all areas. In addition to reducing energy consumption, whenever possible we select energy sources that have the lowest impact on the environment, such as electricity from renewable resources. These policies are part of our effort to reduce the carbon footprint of our products. With this goal in mind, we also consider the carbon footprint impact in all critical decisions, such as using recycled aluminum in the manufacturing of our products.

Selected initiatives supporting our policy:

  • Emeco’s products are manufactured in the US.
  • The Emeco factory in Hanover PA conforms to all applicable US, State and Local environmental requirements.
  • Emeco uses clear coat anodizing as the surface finishing method for most of our products. This not only significantly reduces particulate emissions, but also produces no volatile organic carbons (VOCs) in the application of the finish.
  • All welding machines have internal cooling systems to reduce water consumption by 15%
  • Advanced lighting technologies are installed throughout our manufacturing operations resulting in a 24% annual reduction in electrical consumption rate.
  • 80% of our aluminum raw materials come from a recycled source.
  • Of the recycled aluminum, half is post consumer (soft drink cans) and half is postindustrial (manufacturing scrap). Chairs made out of virgin aluminum have an energy density that is 17 times higher than that of Emeco chairs.
  • Emeco’s aluminum scrap generation-rate is approx. 6% annually by weight.
  • Emeco Manufacturing returns 100% of aluminum scrap to recyclers.
  • Emeco all-aluminum chairs are 100% recyclable.
  • Emeco’s 111 Navy Chair contains 65% rPET plastic.
  • 100% of the PET used comes from a post consumer recycled source.
  • Emeco’s rPET chairs are 100% recyclable.
  • Whenever possible, Emeco uses sustainable timber and water based stain finishes on our wood components.

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