Sustainable Commercial Interiors

A step-by-step guide to designing environmentally friendly commercial interiors.

Millions of people in the U.S. workforce rely on interior designers to create environments that make them happy and productive, as well as promote their safety and well-being. Sustainable Commercial Interiors provides an engaging introduction to and exploration of the vast field of sustainable design as it specifically relates to commercial interior spaces.

In Sustainable Commercial Interiors, coauthors Penny Bonda, a noted expert on interior design and sustainability, and Katie Sosnowchik, an interior design editor and innovator, share their passion for environmental advocacy while offering designers and architects the technical knowledge important for success in this evolving discipline. The authors apply the concept of environmental responsibility to the design of interiors, and employ the organization of the LEED Green Building Rating System(r) to sort the design process into five categories: sustainable sites, water efficiency, energy issues, materials, and indoor environmental quality.

Chapters explore:

  • In-depth information about interior finishes and furnishings,
  • Best contemporary examples of sustainable commercial interior design projects, including photos and drawings of the design,
  • Outside-the-boundaries thinking about sites, water, and energy issues,
  • Materials, with a strong emphasis on life-cycle thinking,
  • Indoor environmental quality, including acoustics, thermal comfort, daylighting, and views,>
  • Green design tools, including standards, certification programs, and specifications,

Based on the premise that designers, with their power to create, have responsibilities beyond others, Sustainable Commercial Interiors is a vital tool for both novice and veteran green-minded practitioners.


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