Greening Modernism: Preservation, Sustainability, and the Modern Movement

For the past quarter-century, mainstream architecture has proceeded onthe underlying belief that we have the resources to build whatever and asmuch as we want and that technology can overcome any problems we createfor ourselves through our building activities. The serious shortages thatnow confront us demand a thorough reevaluation of this premise.Carl Stein, nationally recognized for his contributions to the field of sustainabledesign, connects the impact of individual building design decisions tothe global energy and environmental crises. He sets out the argument forsustainability inherent in Modern design, identifying tenets that are intrinsicto contemporary ecological thinking, and he provides the nuts-and-boltsinformation to assist practitioners and students of architecture, engineering, planning, and environmentalism in specific building-upgrade projects. While not a how-to handbook, Greening Modernism provides quantitativedata and describes the environmental benefits from the continued use of the vast inventory of modern buildings, including reduced demand for energy and other finite resources and reduced need for waste processing.Greening Modernism explains the relationships between design and technology in the pre-petroleum, early-petroleum, and late-petroleum eras and goes on to suggest opportunities for architecture in a post-petroleumworld. Greening Modernism addresses the interrelationships between sustainability, architectural preservation, and the Modern movement and places these issues into historical perspective.


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