Build-On: Converted Architecture and Transformed Buildings

Exceptional architectural transformations that bring new life and function to existing structures. In most parts of the world, developed areas are predominantly shaped by existent houses, buildings and constructions. One of the biggest challenges architects face today is creatively bringing new life and function to these existing structures. The transition from the industrial age to our current information society consequently demands and fosters phenomenal possibilities to redefine these old structures.

Build-On examines architecture in flux between tradition and transformation. The book presents exceptional examples of large-scale radical renovations and adaptations of industrial wasteland, bunkers, abandoned churches, forsaken rural centres and obsolete underground systems as well as creative transformations of smaller building units in the urban and rural context. These overlooked architectural sites are reborn as inhabitable residences, working spaces, art spaces and hotels.

This unique collection of inspiring architectonic transformations affirms this sprawling area of innovation and at the same time presents social and cultural interplay between past, present and future.

Price: $75

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