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Welcome to the new Architype Review!

It’s Architype Review’s fifth anniversary year and the editorial team is excited to unveil a re-design and expansion of this unique publication. We hope you enjoy the new layout and added features, expanding the coverage of featured projects and emphasizing the focus of the publication on this core study of architectural typology.

In this first issue of 2011 the editors are excited to present some of the most advanced and unique Art Museums having recently been completed or soon to make their debut. Over 70 incredible museums were submitted or nominated for this issue and the editors faced a challenging task to narrow the selection and feature only a select handful. Architype Review is thrilled to publish unique projects by such an esteemed group of architects – including works by Renzo Piano, Herzog & De Meuron, Rafael Viñoly, Peter Bohlin, Allied Works, and a host of other notable architects. The diversity of the work, including three exciting Art Museums currently under construction, showcases the variety of approaches to context, program, and materiality, within this unique building type. Our goal with the Art Museum issue is to encourage a forum that promotes and advances the discussion of these unique architectural projects that are responding to a similar set of challenging issues.

As the profession evolves and new advances are made in materials, technology, and representation, the way architects and designers approach unique building types needs to evolve. Each issue of Architype Review will focus on a comprehensive investigation of specific types – from innovative projects, to featured materials, analytical essays and editorials, reference books, and trend-setting iconic projects. For example, with President Obama’s recent announcement of plans to create a national high-speed rail system in the United States, we felt it timely to present in the next issue a special collection of some of the most advanced and unique global Train Stations. We hope that these featured projects may inspire and influence new ways of looking at this relevant building type.

In the coming months, Architype Review issues will also focus on building types that feature innovations in Adaptive Reuse, Retail Interiors, and Low Income Housing. Be sure to submit your projects for consideration or nominate those projects that have inspired you in some way. The primary goal is to honor and share those projects that are challenging the limits and redefining the norms of certain building types. The editorial team will strive to publish work that represents a wide range of voices within the profession – from established global firms to young talented designers bending the boundaries of the industry.

Finally, the editorial team hopes that you take full advantage of the sister sites – Architype Source and Architype Connect – both quickly growing to be one of the largest on-line searchable databases for architecture projects, materials, firm profiles, industry jobs, and the latest design news. The sites will become an invaluable design resource for architects, students, clients, and educators who all seek to promote and investigate innovation in the field.

Thank you for participating in this dialogue and being a part of the advancement. We look forward to hearing your thoughts. E-mail me at any time with your editorial suggestions.
Harry Mark
Editor-in-Chief, Architype Review

[email protected]

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